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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making Delphi 7 smoothly in Windows 7

How to install Delphi 7 on Windows 7 is no different from installing other software, open the windows installer or setup file, then enter the serial number that is already available, anyway, you could say it makes no difference as installing other software, just maybe some of my friends master Delphi 7 its not complete, so the warning window (warning windows) the installation procedure, for which there are three options, namely: Abort (foils), Try Again (Try again) and the Ignore (Ignore), select Ignore each time a warning window (warning windows) appears.

Then after install Delphi 7 on Windows 7, then try to open the Delphi program with a shortcut named Delphi 7 which has been available in the All Programs, if not open the following folders:

C: \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 \ Bin

and find there an application file named Delphi 7 (usually size 533 kB), and open the file, so the window will appear as below:

Then click Run Program, it will show a window like the following:

Unable to rename 'C: \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 \ Bin \ delphi32 .$$$' to' C: \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 \ Bin \ delphi32.dro '

Then if you click OK, then the program Delphi 7 will be open but for the form of work sheets does not appear, to overcome this, do the following steps: 

  • Open the folder C: \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 so it would seem the top folder named bin and a folder named Projects. Now we will begin the first Bin folder, right-click the Bin folder and select Properties, uncheck the blue or check the Read-only attributes (Only apllies to files in a folder), so the box Read-only attributes (Only APPLIES to files in a folder ) and Hidden blank check and clean, with no blue color, then click Apply, click OK, click Continue, and finally click OK
  • Still in the Bin folder, right-click the Bin folder, click Properties and open the Security tab, click Edit and check Allow on Full information control, Modify, Read and execute, List folder contens, Read and Write (usually by check settings on the description Full control then the other will automatically terberi tick by itself), then click Apply, click OK and finally click OK
  • Projects now in the folder, do the same thing has been done in the Bin folder of this folder Projects.
  • And now the vinegar folder C: \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 \ Bin from the search for the application configuration file named delphi32 (usually size 533 kB), right-click on the file and click Properties, go to the compability tab and check the box on the left " Run this program as an administrator ", then click OK
  • Then right-click the file again delphi32, choose the second option (under the Open) Run as administrator and friend, God willing Delphi will work fine in Windows 7
  • If not successful please try the second solution below:
  • Close the program once Delphi 7, open the folder C: \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 \ Bin, and locate the file named delphi32.dro then the file should be replaced with the results of the uninstall file delphi32.dro Delphi 7 on Windows 7, so we have to install first dong Delphi 7 on Windows XP? should anyway so, to get the file delphi32.dro results uninstall on Windows XP, but on the internet friends of cyberspace is to upload a file delphi32.dro the uninstall on Windows XP, please download here
  • After that, copy paste the files downloaded just now in the folder C: \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 \ Bin with the intention of replacing the file delphi32.dro results uninstall files in Windows 7 with the results delphi32.dro uninstall on Windows XP. Now try to reopen the program Delhi 7, Delphi 7 program was open to normal

Now please be tested or attempted to create a program that's as simple as the sum of two numbers program and try running (Run) program, if the current program to diRunkan means Delphi 7 is already open through the Administrator user, if the program is unworkable or diRunkan, it will message appears below:

[Fatal Error] Could not create output file 'C: \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 \ Projects \ Project1.exe'

How do I fix this? Do the following steps:
  1. Make sure there are no Delphi 7 application program that opens in addition to the work sheet work sheet form, close the application file and try running (Run) program.
  2. If there is no Delphi application file (. Exe) being open means that the program does not open the Delphi 7 friends through the Administrator, how do I fix this? Do it again the following steps:
    • Close the first program as a whole Delphi 7 friends
    • Open the folder C: \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 \ Bin
    • Find the file named delphi32 application (usually size 533 kB)
    • Right-click on the file, select Properties, open the Compatibility tab and check the box Run this program as an administrator, then click OK
    • Right-click the file again and select Run as administrator as shown below:

Now try to create again a simple program, and everything is normal right?


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  3. It's an easier way, right in the beginning, to choose Delphi7 install dir outside of Program Files, change it to an ordinary folder, where the rights needed are already granted.

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